House robbed on christmas...

2007-12-25 06:00:41 by FloppyDiskClock

Hey guys

Its me again, and I have just had the worst christmas to date...

So I went to bed and watched lots of tv and was keeping myself entertained, when suddenly I heard noises coming downstairs. So I walked down the stairs opened the door which leads to the room where the christmas tree and presents are and there stood a man putting all of our gifts in a big bag. So I screamed and the man punched me in the face and ran out away through the front door, I was going to chase him but I was only wearing undies and a large t-shirt...

So yeah my dad ran down stairs and was speachless, we tried to ring the police but apparently they was shut down for christmas...

So how was your christmas guys?

House robbed on christmas...


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2007-12-25 06:05:41

I doubt that the Police close down ever.

FloppyDiskClock responds:

Well they was either closed down or they are to lazy to pick up the phone.


2007-12-25 06:11:55

man, I feel really sorry for you, I hope things get sorted out in the end.

FloppyDiskClock responds:

thanks :\


2007-12-25 06:59:29

Same happened to me... weird... I only got the presents he wouldn't lug. Not trying to be a grinch I left it out of my blog, I'll announce my robbery tomorrow.

FloppyDiskClock responds:

awww ):


2007-12-25 07:01:09

That Cock Sucker!

FloppyDiskClock responds:

Gah I hate christmas


2007-12-25 07:29:26

Looks like the Police sucks, knowing that something bad is gonna happen ANYTIME, yet they closed down for Christmas. Lazy dawgs! Hope that robber gets caught eventually...

Maybe all the gifts had undies as presents, so the robber will have to take 'em all. Sorry for trying to make a joyous occasion outta a tragic matter.

FloppyDiskClock responds:

Meh the police suck.


2007-12-25 07:38:01

Well that absolutely sucks. I hope things take a turn for the better, man.

FloppyDiskClock responds:



2007-12-25 07:39:37

Well that's not fair at all. But don't worry karma will sort him out sooner or later.

FloppyDiskClock responds:

Man what kind of faggot would do something like this?


2007-12-25 09:07:34

Get Bobby to track the thief down.

FloppyDiskClock responds:

Will do!


2007-12-25 09:42:34

How many gifts did he take?

FloppyDiskClock responds:

around 60...
That includes both me and my 2 sisters.


2007-12-25 10:25:39

I'm enjoying your presents i stole, auntie Marge sends love

jk, that really sucks man :(

FloppyDiskClock responds:



2007-12-25 11:07:46

Lol thats so freakin funny! but still really sad merry christmas!

FloppyDiskClock responds:



2007-12-25 11:20:04

well that sucks.. maybe i can paypal you sumthin? :-/

FloppyDiskClock responds:

I couldnt possibly accept anything from anyone.

Thank you though ;3


2007-12-25 11:52:44

Im so sorry about what happened to you, but at least he didn't do anything to you besides the punch in the face, he could have killed u. So even if your Christmas was ruined he didn't ruined your life. I know this isn't making anything better but you lived to tell the tale.

FloppyDiskClock responds:

hehe yeah...


2007-12-25 12:38:45

you screamed? hehe... you need to get yourself a dog. home security

or a "twat bat" ,somthing you can hit him with.

FloppyDiskClock responds:

I was so scared.


2007-12-25 12:55:11

Don't worry, when I'll be a World Emperor, I'll kill him.

FloppyDiskClock responds:

sounds awesome


2007-12-25 13:34:35

You should have punched him back, man! Grab some balls and grab him by the feet or something. Unless he had a gun or knife but damn. One time, I almost got robbed on my way home, the guy had a knife, but I still fought back, ran and I gt away without a scratch or anything missing.

FloppyDiskClock responds:

if you say so...


2007-12-25 13:40:14

Wah man... that sucks. And I though I was having some bad Xmas day... Hope something will come from here. I saw Luis comment. If you don't want donations maybe a Front Page? What can we do for you? :(

FloppyDiskClock responds:

heh front page eh?


2007-12-25 13:58:05

What an idiot... Hopefully you catch that bastard.

FloppyDiskClock responds:

Hopefully )':


2007-12-25 14:04:34

lmfao too bad!

FloppyDiskClock responds:

how mean )':


2007-12-25 14:15:09

Oh wow. That sucks quite the fat one. :{

That actually sounds very lucrative, come to think about it... everyone going to bed early and piling up valuables downstairs...

FloppyDiskClock responds:

yeah :\


2007-12-25 16:22:14

Sounds pretty awful. :( Merry Christmas to you, sorry about your misfortunes.

FloppyDiskClock responds:

thanks :\


2007-12-25 18:47:38

That selfish bitch! I don't see why he needs to steal presents unless he got a playstation 1 for Christmas. And it reminds me of Fresh Prince O_o

FloppyDiskClock responds:



2007-12-26 10:55:05

My chistmas was great!But now because of this very sad story my day is ruend!!!!Whéééééééééééééééééééé!

FloppyDiskClock responds:

im sorry


2007-12-30 13:06:13

LOL, that sucks.

FloppyDiskClock responds:

indeed it does suck


2008-01-05 07:50:25

personaly, id be pissed


2008-01-08 22:32:36

I got another fuckin yeast infection!!!! WHY GOD!!!! WRRRYYYYY!!!!!


2008-02-11 12:13:44

Yes this is late. Well, you should of chased him down with a big knife and cut his that artery in his leg open, so that he bleeds to death in pain. Well, that or you could beat him to within an inch of his life then leave him in the middle of the road so a car can run over him or something.


2008-02-16 11:31:44

thats fuck up


2008-03-08 07:34:53

ide pick up a chair and own him with it, ya know cmon bash the fag


2008-03-12 11:35:53

Whoa that must suck...


2008-03-20 17:02:55

lol it almost happened to me (I'm 19) I heard a sound I got so scared I got my dad's old pistol I almost shot the mother fucker but yet he got away tell me if you seen him eyes : blue - hair : blond and black (long hair) he took my linkin park cd that little shit head oh and while he was running away he broke my fucking mailbox!and my gf (wich I live with) asked what was goin' on and I said oh well I just acted like I was shooting shit (makes shooting sounds)well yeah a shity xmas A FUCKED UP ONE TO I am gonna have to tell my gf should I you tell me yes or no?


2008-03-28 06:46:35

i got hit by a car this christmas and spent it in a hospital unconcious....


2008-04-02 03:24:50

dude, that sucks, However its not as bad as this one kid's. he gets a present that has an Xbox 360 case in it, but once he opens it, its just clothes. And the Parents and relatives all laugh at him while he stands there with tears welling up in his eyes. now THATS one fucked up Christmas!


2008-04-04 22:05:26

u so awesome


2008-05-30 12:00:21

sonic is anti-hentai!