So my cat died )':

2007-12-04 09:19:19 by FloppyDiskClock

I will miss you!

So my cat died )':


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2007-12-04 09:21:06

what a poor poor kitten... you had it good, man

FloppyDiskClock responds:

yeah ):


2007-12-04 09:21:06

Sad to hear. My condoleances

FloppyDiskClock responds:

I cried all day ):


2007-12-04 10:36:31

awww i'm sorry floppy :'(

FloppyDiskClock responds:

I am sure kitty remembers me ):


2007-12-04 10:53:33

My condolences :(

FloppyDiskClock responds:

I love my kitty ):


2007-12-04 11:26:56

Sorry for your loss :/

FloppyDiskClock responds:

I want my cat back ):


2007-12-04 12:11:20

FUCK! I hate when it happens... One of my cats will die soon, in around a year too :(

FloppyDiskClock responds:

<3 We shall stay strong!


2007-12-04 12:34:28


That sucks to hear. Your cat looks adorable. How old was your cat when he (or she) died and how did your cat die?

FloppyDiskClock responds:

2 years, cancer.


2007-12-04 14:33:29

looks kinda like a pic i have seen somewhere, but anyways, sorry man.

FloppyDiskClock responds:

R.I.P kitty ):


2007-12-04 14:43:25

She was sooo cute :'(

FloppyDiskClock responds:

She was my baby ):


2007-12-04 15:29:51

aw..... it was so cute, put a santa hat on it and take a picture for fun.

FloppyDiskClock responds:

I buried her in my garden...


2007-12-04 15:31:22

poor cat im going cry :(

FloppyDiskClock responds:

I cried twice.


2007-12-04 15:44:27

It's sleeping like that in kitty heaven now :'(

FloppyDiskClock responds:

I hope I can visit her in kitty heaven when I die )':


2007-12-04 15:46:33

Omg there's nothing worse than your pet dying. I remember when my favorite pet ever, a guinea pig I got as a birthday present died... I was like 8 and I had had her for 4 years.... She died because she got pregnant and was too old to have babies, the vet tried to do a C-section but she didn't resist.

I think I cried all day for like a week.

Losing a beloved pet really really sucks. My sincerest condolences!

FloppyDiskClock responds:



2007-12-04 17:13:48

poor thing sorry for ur loss

FloppyDiskClock responds:

Thank you ):


2007-12-04 17:57:50

Thats so sad. Its so cute.

FloppyDiskClock responds:

She was the greatest kitty ever ):


2007-12-04 18:23:13

Sorry to hear about your kitty floppy :'(

FloppyDiskClock responds:

I want my kitty back )':


2007-12-04 18:42:17

Been there, done that, take my advice, get a dog. :(

Another pet helps heal things quickly.

FloppyDiskClock responds:

Noone can replace her )':


2007-12-04 18:55:53

Eh, your a chick. Watch Sex in the City and get over it.

Just kidding.

Or maybeh not.


FloppyDiskClock responds:

Your a bad bad man.


2007-12-04 19:28:47

aww. thats too bad. whats its name?

RIP :'(

FloppyDiskClock responds:

Her name was Tori )':


2007-12-04 19:36:35

Ahh yikes. Sorry for your loss man.

FloppyDiskClock responds:

I miss her )':


2007-12-04 20:02:57

Im sorry D:

FloppyDiskClock responds:

I want my kitty back )':


2007-12-04 20:09:06

awww, i'm so sorry. you'll see kitty again someday.

FloppyDiskClock responds:

I sure hope so )':


2007-12-04 21:58:15

Pets are so innocent and pure so it's always a shame when they die.
I'm sorry, Floppy.

FloppyDiskClock responds:

You are such a good friend )':


2007-12-04 22:07:29


FloppyDiskClock responds:

bad bad bad bad man! )':


2007-12-04 22:19:31

I'm so sorry... i can't imagine the pain you must be feeling. i couldn't live without my kitten... his name is Optimus Prime... please accept my deepest most sincere condolences.

FloppyDiskClock responds:

He sounds like such a cute kitten :')


2007-12-04 22:32:33

Aww, he was cute too... :3

FloppyDiskClock responds:

The cutest kitty ever )':


2007-12-04 22:34:26

aw, that's so sad!!!

FloppyDiskClock responds:

I have never felt this sad ever )':


2007-12-04 23:18:46

we can pour some beer out in its memory at london meet.

that kitty was my ni99a

FloppyDiskClock responds:

kitty nigga 4 lyfe )':


2007-12-05 01:46:46

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Poor Ferdinand, we will miss him dearly.

FloppyDiskClock responds:

You are such a great person )':


2007-12-05 09:10:22

sniffle sniffle.Im an animal lover.You'll see hm again someday.get antother cat in his memory.It wont feel the same,but it will help you.sniffle, in peace.hes in a better place now

FloppyDiskClock responds:

kitty heaven she shall live )':


2007-12-07 20:29:27


FloppyDiskClock responds:

How rude )':


2007-12-08 08:10:37

Thats what you get for joining STAR-SYNDICATE or even being part of it. LOL JK. Sorry for your loss...

FloppyDiskClock responds:

I have never been in the StarSyndicate )':


2007-12-08 13:30:25

Thats...pretty heartbreaking. I'm super sorry it had to go, man, thats pretty sad... )':

FloppyDiskClock responds:

I want to hear my kitty meow )':


2007-12-08 13:32:57

It died!? that poor little kitten, I hope he forever rests peacefully in heaven, super sorry it passed.....)':

FloppyDiskClock responds:



2007-12-09 10:29:55

oh, what a pitty . i hate it when animals die. :(

FloppyDiskClock responds:

me too )':


2007-12-10 14:02:22

Age/Gender: 17, Female


FloppyDiskClock responds:

How rude )':


2007-12-10 20:01:21

im sorry. btw if you lie, its errr rude?

FloppyDiskClock responds:

It would be very rude )':


2007-12-10 21:50:59

Poor little Tori. She's in kitty heaven now.
Best wishes.


FloppyDiskClock responds:

Thank you )':


2007-12-13 17:18:43

I feel sad as I love cats and your one looks especially cute.
I just hope my cat does not die anytime soon though it is inevitable and because of this it is good to get others to Sympathize with you.

FloppyDiskClock responds:

<3 )':


2007-12-14 12:03:04

Sorry, man.. :'(

FloppyDiskClock responds:

thanks ):


2007-12-14 12:38:57

I'll miss him to...

FloppyDiskClock responds:

Alot of people will )':


2007-12-23 20:52:48

sorry about the cat dude. it's really cute. )':

FloppyDiskClock responds:



2008-07-07 15:20:29

*insert generic sad comment and condolence here*